March 08, 2009

the flood came again during the damn heavy rain yesterday. poor G who had to cleaned up all the things.

only a short session in the afternoon together with a quick clean at home. H2 called for a coffee, said yes but then too tired to turn up … sorry H2!!!

had a nap, then some surfings and chit-chat, then some movie (Indochine the movie was actually very much different from its original book, wasn’t it?)

had a long long long sleep … that was so good … woke up after the 4th phone ring from the same number!!! grmmm … that was so annoyed, seriously!!!

… joined 2 vips to the spm to shop something for lẩu mắm. the street was damn hot and crowded. the bike line in front of the parking slot of big c was too long for us to wait, so we headed straight to maximark. the shopping was not long, yet the queuing in front of the check out counter took nearly an hour. the cashier there was so cute – she was like softly groping each of the item people put on the counter. i wish i could jump in to help her out. the way back home was also terrible, with heat, smoke and traffic jam.

enventually, we all got home safe & sound and could manage to finish the lẩu 1 hour later … it was soooo yummyyyyy …

finished the day with pride wars – that was so cute and so soft. i guess they are rite, you don’t need to be perfect to be loved. and at the end of the day, it’s always sweet having a best (girl)friend who’s there for you when you need (her)him most. strongly recommend to those who love heart-lighted movies!


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