February 16, 2009

weekend delights:

1. 5 new pieces of clothes

2. a nice dinner at a newly discovered place

3. a hair cut [honestly, it finally turned out that it’s not much delighted. quote from hairdresser: it (the hair) is now too weak to put any more chemical on. just leave it as it is for a better recover. it means i have to bear with these fluffy stuffs for quite a while 😦

still on this topic, after 15 years or so being with up-to- waist long hair, i – impulsively and mistakenly – decided to move to up-to-nape short hair with a so dullish fringe. yet, that style was still much better than the current fluffy thing. plus, when i had that hair-cut, i was in aussie and no-one seemed to care abt it (that’s the thing i love so much abt living there).

so, what is this lengthy thing for? if you see me somewhere, purposely or coincidentally, don’t make any further comment about this. i am thankful for that

@ pix: the hair – 06 months after the impulsive and mistaken decision back to nearly 02 years ago. this is not my favorite hair ever but for sure it’s much better than the current one

@ em: no offence lah! it’s because of me. there’s nothing to do with you, ok?


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