February 14, 2009

though it’s not that close, i am glad that you are still there whenever i need you. you are not always on my side, but i know that you are always somewhere around me.

like this evening, i was kind of released – at least for a while, during the drink with you. for a moment, i was sitting there, drinking, talking and heading up for the trees, thinking nothing – it was so good. i always wish i could stay longer, and could talk to you more.

now i’m here. back home. alone by myself. and i realise how much i appreciate your shoulder.

i do need a cry. but as always, the tears is only half-way. i’ve trained myself so well – to get used to dealing with those kinds of things, and never allow me to cry and to fall down.

i’ll be ok. i promise!!!

btw, thanks v. for your shoulders as well!!!


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