February 12, 2009

Somebody’s Me
Ca sĩ: Enrique Iglesias


chẳng có gì …

chỉ là bỗng dưng muốn khóc

one more unexpected call – after 3 other calls from different people

why one has to live up to others’ expectation??

– you’ve got to do this … you’ve got to do that … blah blah blah …

– ok, what if i don’t have time for those? i have more important things to do? even if i do, i don’t like doing things that i don’t like …

– you’ve got to do it for me … you should listen to me … blah blah blah …

watever!!! life is complicated enough! keep it stupid simple – why not???


just a question for brainstorming from one of the friends: as girls, what do you want for 8-3. to be honest, i hate all those kind of days (i.e. 14-2, 8-3, etc …). they’ve been so commercialised (and yes, i am among the ones who are commercialising those days with the so-called marketing activities). and i hate millions of people flooding the streets with bikes, balloons, flowers and gifts (trust me, 80% of the girls would sitting behind with flowers which can be bought at thousands of casual floral on the streetside).

coming back to the brainstorm session that the friend is doing, my answer would be “someone riding me far away from the noisy and crowded city, giving me a cozy atmosphere and ending the day with a warm hug”.


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