December 11, 2008

1. early pm

“nguy hiểm nhất là ko biết mình đang muốn cái gì!” ~quote from TA~

và mình thì đang rơi vào trong tình trạng đó!


i hate myself for loving myself too much

dạo này liên tục phải uống cafe!

thật tệ!!

2. late pm

just came back from the farewell party with B. had little time working directly with him, but like him so much, esp with his attitude and preso skills. the today speech was so moving and the speeching manner, as always, was so solid – yet so clear, inspiring and full of emotion. bet everyone at the party saw his wife crying after the speech. talked to him several times since his official announcement about the leave, but the almost-last-talk today nearly made me cry [later on, found out that i was not the only one. T’s eyes was so wet when he came to her, and V said she was abt to cry during the speech]

can guess what he meant by “i love your smile”. wish i could always be strong like him, or at least half of him!

g’luck B with your new journey! and once again, thanks for a very meaningful lesson!


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